Tracker Support & Rentals


V&T Tooling Offers some of the most well trained tracker operators and tool builders. We also offer our trackers for rent!

-Offsite and onsite training
-Laser Operators
-Tool Builders
-Tracker rentals
V&T Tooling Tracker Background  
-Complete installation of the F-35 Lightning 2 IAL assembly Line (Northrup Grumman)
-Installation at Bell Helicopter
-Installation for James Webb Telescope (Nasa, ATK, and Northrup)
and many more!
Our Staff can handle anything from a quick source inspection to a multi year installation contract.

Leica AT401

Leica LTD 800

Faro Vantage

Faro X and Xi

 Verisurf, Tracker stands, Laser Puck Kits, and accessories available if requested.